Every project has something that sets it apart - and I love finding out what it is. 

Transforming a learning environment with intellect and humor, and working in sync with the reimagined architecture.


Galbraith Hall, on the UC San Diego campus, is an architecturally significant building tasked with meeting a variety of needs. The client knew that the outdated interiors needed to be completely rethought. Working with KdA Architects, we designed a cohesive set of environmental graphics and wayfinding systems that worked in tandem with their innovative design for the space. Our goal was to make spaces where students feel excited to learn and can appreciate how good design can enhance even the hardest tasks - like cramming for your computer programming midterm.

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Bringing the legacy of a namesake to life, in a natural & vibrant setting. 


One of the first residence halls built on the UC San Diego campus, Blake Hall needed a systems upgrade to keep up with the needs of today's students. In addition, it needed some heart and soul. As one of the few halls named by Roger Revelle, it was important to tell the story of how it came to be Blake Hall - a building named not after a man, but a ship. In the same way, the color story and graphics related to Revelle College, student life and the integral native landscaping that completed the experience. 

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An historic residence hall becomes a character in its own epic tale. As it happens, there can be a lot in a name. 


Argo Hall, the sister residence to Blake Hall on UC San Diego's Revelle College campus, was in dire need of a fire, life and safety upgrade by VMA Architects. But the powers-that-be knew you need more than just new plumbing to excite young minds. Our task was to add a layer of meaning and spirit to the mid-century building, and how could we not tap into the power of the clear and present Greek epic that was the namesake of the building- Jason and his warriors journey on their stalwart vessel- the Argo. 

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A fresh perspective for a thriving Los Angeles luxury real estate brokerage.


Every company goes through changes in their formative years, and Partners Trust was no exception. As they grew from 3 offices to 9 in just 2 years, and continued to push the envelope for buying and selling luxury real estate, it was time to develop a more fully realized brand identity that truly represented them as a company. As Creative lead, I worked with 1000Watt to create a new look, feel and voice that reflects who Partners Trust is today.

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Positioning a world-class builder's innovative developments in Boston's Seaport District. 


Working with the team at Skanska CDUS in Boston and real estate strategist Christopher Westley, we crafted a new presentation look and feel to reflect the energy of Boston's up and coming Seaport District. These new designs incorporated the creative work we did for Skanska CDUS (nation-wide) to develop a universal set of sustainability icons and graphic language for visualizing the data that they share on a regular basis. The successful revamp of the RFP and sales presentation has resulted in securing anchor tenants in some of the highest profile buildings in the Seaport.

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Building a luxury real estate network that is about real connections - not just numbers. 


Founded in 2013, Leverage Global Partners set out to network differently - from the position of expertise and actual relationship building, not just number-crunching. As creative lead for the company from its inception, I strive to craft an voice, look & feel that reflects the knowledge and market insights that our network, through its members, brings to the luxury real estate sphere. From identity systems and print & digital collateral, to targeted audience messaging and planning for the future, the emphasis remains on quality over quantity.

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